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Time spent creating special memories - be it a short domestic getaway or a longer, far-flung destination trip - is precious. Our clients are not interested in spending that time on cookie-cutter trips and standing in long lines among massive crowds. They prioritize visiting destinations in ways that are authentic, personal and exciting. They want to do it their way and experience even more than they knew was possible.

Knowing this, our strategy is to maintain a limited client base and give ourselves time to apply our thoughtful planning process to each and every trip. We bring our extensive experience to the table but always put our clients needs, values and interests first. Many are happy to have us take the reins and others enjoy working collaboratively - we're happy either way!

Thanks to our extensive industry networks we aren't limited to particular types of travel. Our clients trust us to guide them to the best of the best no matter what they're doing. Just a few examples of what we organize for clients are:

  • Adventure and experiential travel

  • Weekend getaways and domestic/international resort escapes 

  • Multi-destination trips around Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, etc.

  • Private flights, villas and other exclusive use needs

  • Access to global sporting, award and other events

  • Special occasion and destination event group travel

  • Business incentive trips/Board retreats

  • Sailing and motor yacht charters

And many more...​


We primarily work with a small number of private clients, via annual membership, offering highly personalized service and managing all travel needs both small and large.


Additionally, some of our Architects are able to extend our services on a per-trip service fee basis. Fees, in these cases, start from $300 depending on the details of the trip and the client's desired level of our involvement.


Annual memberships and one-time services are extremely limited and only considered on referral from our clients or after consultation.


Sound like you? Want more information or to chat about a trip? We would love to talk!

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